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CRH Key Points Handoff: saying goodbye to host Mark Page

| CRH Key Points Podcasts, | No Comments

For those of you who have been following along, you will know the familiar Australian accent of CRH Key Points Podcast host – Mark Page. Mark has moved on to a new opportunity at FCT...

The Amazon effect and the future of financial services

| CRH Key Points Blog, | No Comments

I admit it: I have an Amazon jones. I love getting stuff delivered to my front porch, rain or shine; it’s an everyday Christmas. And I’m not alone. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, has...

MLS Ruling: housing data = open data?

| CRH Key Points Blog, | No Comments

Score another one for Canada’s competition commissioner: on the first of the month, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled that a 2016 judgment ordering the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), which represents the GTA’s realtor...

CRH Key Points Series: Karen Willison – Episode 4

| CRH Key Points Video, | No Comments

Karen knows Collingwood real estate like a native. A self-confessed tech Luddite, she’s built a cutting-edge social media and web presence and created a crack team to position herself as a leading resource for discovering...

CRH Key Points Podcast: Millennials continue to drive customer experience

| CRH Key Points Podcasts, | No Comments

CRH’s Mark Page chats with‘s Reuven Gorsht, a former data-wrangler at SAP who’s come up with an idea for an online business. If you have ever moved, you know what a timesuck re-addressing bills, address...

A Minute with Mark: Have you paid out any claims yet?

| Videos, | No Comments

Every week, Mark Page answers your questions! You’ve asked and we’ve answered.

Looking ahead: real estate and artificial intelligence—a smarter 2018?

| CRH Key Points Blog, | No Comments

You’ve probably never heard of Skyler 360: if you have, count yourself amongst the earliest of adopters. Why? Because the software, brainchild of founder Ron Sasson, is almost certainly the first software in the real...

CRH Key Points Series: Len Skok – Episode 2

| CRH Key Points Video, | No Comments

Meet Len Skok of Orillia’s Keller Williams Experience, one of the top producers in an office of some 140 salespeople. “It’s just hard work,” Len says quietly—but you don’t go from winning your license in...

A Minute with Mark: Who uses CRH and what are some use cases?

| Videos, | No Comments

In this week’s #AMinutewithMark, Mark answers a commonly asked question: Who is using CRH and what are some use cases?

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