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How fast was that? Len Skok and his new life in Orillia real estate

By August 3, 2017 No Comments

First, there’s the really cool South African accent. Then there’s the sense you’re dealing with a human being who knows way  more than the average guy about life and how to live it—that he’s seen stuff that’s made him think about the purpose of what he’s chosen to do with his time and talents.

Then there’s his background in the international wholesale diamond trade and the side story about simply falling in love with the Ontario landscape north of the Narrows Bridge and deciding—a self-declared “MLS junkie”—to turn his addiction to the ups and downs of the property world into a new profession.

That’s Len Skok of Orillia’s Keller Williams Experience, one of the top producers in an office of some 140 salespeople.  “It’s just hard work,” Len says quietly—but you don’t go from winning your license in July 2016 to some 26 deals and three times on the millionaire board (closings, listings, business written) without knowing exactly what you’re doing. “I couldn’t agree more that it’s all about values,” Len says of his success. “Going over and above.”

We’re taking the CRH Key Points roadshow to “The Sunshine City” up near Lake Couchiching next week, filming Len to deepen these stories and to absorb more than a few more about his killer social media strategies, why he uses CRH and his “parachuting” into the Orillia real estate market after two very dramatic moments in the diamond trade.

Stay tuned: we’ll be back with more from Len—and it’ll be worth the wait.

And from all of us here at CRH—have a splendid holiday weekend.

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